Who are we?

About us

The meat-production and processing plant “MUSAN-N” was built in the Eastern Rhodopes in 2005. It has a slaughterhouse, cutting and meat processing machines, designed and equipped according to EU requirements.


What distinguishes “Musan-n” from the other producers of meat and products is the fact, that we work only and exclusively with meat from large and small ruminants

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Meat production and Meat processing facility


The development trends of the company are entering and imposing on the European and Middle Eastern markets. As well as closing the production cycle by building our own farms for feed production and animal husbandry, to meet the needs of the meat plant with high quality and environmentally friendly meat.

We believe that high quality, innovative recipes, implemented European technologies and compliance with high hygiene standards is a prerequisite for guaranteed success in the market, and rapid development of the company.

We strive to establish ourselves, as a manufacturer of high quality and environmentally friendly products at competitive prices.


The slaughterhouse has a capacity of 80 pcs. cattle or 400 pcs. small cattle per day. It is the only one in southeastern Bulgaria with a permit for slaughter of cattle over 30 months of age.

The cutting room processes the meat intended for our production, as well as a wide range of cuts for the trade network.

The meat processing plant has a capacity of 10 tons per day with over 40 products, including minced meat, ready for cooking meats, short-lasting, long-lasting boiled-smoked sausages, corned meat, raw-dried sausages, and delicacies of whole meat. As well as some traditional but forgotten products, such as sheep jerk.

Our core values

The main values, on which the foundation of “MUSAN-N” Ltd. is located, are:

Quality meat

To ensure the quality of meat in the slaughterhouse, the carcase classification system (S) EUROP is introduced, which harmonizes the legislation at the European Union level. As well as introducing a common understanding of the quality of carcasses and a uniform scale for their determination.

Original recipes

The recipes of the products were developed entirely by Musan’s team. This guarantees the production of Halal products.

Own distribution network

The company is developing its own distribution network and 7 warehouses have already been opened in different regions of the country. In the same cities and regions, a distribution network has been developed, which reaches shops, restaurants, canteens for industrial companies, hospitals, hotels, and other our customers.

Young and ambitious team

A young ambitious team, highly qualified in the field of food technologies, veterinary and sanitary expertise, masters in sausage making and machinery, works for all this diversity, and to ensure high-quality products in “Musan-N” ltd.